Leaders of China Mobile Communications Group visited Huatian
Tianshui Huatian Sensor was successfully shortlisted as “Qualified Supplier of China Petrochemical Industry”

Huatian Group employees line up to welcome the first batch of medical aid team members

On the afternoon of April 1, the first batch of 7 white-dressed angels from the Hubei Medical Team in Tianshui City returned to Tianshui from Lanzhou. All sectors of the society in Tianshui City welcomed them with a grand ceremony. At the gates of Huatian Science Park and Huatian Home, more than 180 employees of Huatian Group waited in line, holding welcome banners and bright small national flags, welcoming the return of heroes, paying tribute to the angels in white, which fully demonstrated the good spirit of the employees of the group , Practiced Huatian culture.







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