CWB810000 series temperature transmitters
CYBK0100 Series Electronic Pressure Switch

CWC710000 series temperature sensor

1 Introduction

CWC series temperature sensor adopts high precision and high stability imported platinum resistance PT100, after reasonable process design, stainless steel shell is fully potted, and is equipped with special temperature cable compensation, so that the platinum resistance output is more accurate, thus made A temperature sensor in the form of resistance output.


2 Features                        

◆Compact size, easy to install            

◆A variety of structures to choose from              

◆Strong versatility


3 The main purpose

This series of temperature sensors are widely used for temperature monitoring in coal mines, large workshop ovens, etc., and also for temperature measurement and control of some liquids that can be immersed.


4 Technical index


-60℃~450℃( optional range )

level of accuracy (℃)

class A:±0.2

class B:±0.4

class C:±1.0

output signal (Ω)

three-wire resistance

response time(s)


measuring medium

fluid compatible with 304 and 316L

shell material



304、316L optional

protection level

IP68(wiring part IP66)


5 Sensor size

CWC610000 1.jpg


6 Electrical connections

6.1 Direct cable outlet

CWC610000 2.jpg


7 Order guide

7.1 Model characteristics and appearance

CWC710000 Series


1、classic structure;

2、standard appearance;


CWC610000 6.jpg


1、classic structure;

2、single point spring lifting type;


CWC610000 7.jpg


1、classic structure;

2、standard appearance;


CWC610000 8.jpg


8 Precautions

8.1 When you receive the product, please check whether the package is intact, and check whether the sensor model and specifications are consistent with the product you purchased;

8.2 Please keep the inspection certificate and the certificate of conformity, and return it with the product when repairing;

8.3 Avoid installing the sensor in the environment of mechanical vibration and strong electromagnetic interference;

8.4 The sensor is a precision instrument and should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, away from direct sunlight.

8.5 Before disassembling, make sure that the temperature of the sensor drops to normal temperature before disassembling to avoid scalding accidents due to excessive temperature.